【 Hakodate Store 】international plan

【 Hakodate Store 】international plan

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① [Recommended season for shooting location]

見晴公園(Miharashi Park)/五稜郭(Goryokaku)/八幡坂(Hachimanzaka)/市民の森(Citizen’s Forest)

赤レンガ倉庫(Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse)/函館八幡宮(Hakodate Hachiman Shrine)

大森浜(Omori Coast)/緑の島(Green Island)/ダム公園(Dam Park)/公会堂(Public Hall)


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② [Available location plans]
The additional charge is only 10,000 JPY in addition to the Saturday, Sunday, and holiday charges.


2 Groom and bride’s attire
《Dress & Tuxedo + Kimono & Hakama》 or 《Dress & Tuxedo x 2》 or 《Kimono & Hakama x 2》


1 Groom and bride’s attire

《 kimono and hakama 》


《 dresses and tuxedos 》






③ [Costume sample]

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[Notes on choosing costumes]
■If you have a desire costume, you will be required to reserve one of each costume.
■For Japanese clothes, we cannot provide the actual costume, so please choose from the photos.
■If you are wearing Western clothing, please try on the costume you have chosen on the day of the shoot to confirm.
If the costume you reserved does not match, you can choose from costumes that are not reserved on the day.
*Please note that on the day of the photo shoot, you will not be able to choose costumes reserved by other customers.
■If the costume you reserved becomes unexpectedly dirty or damaged due to use by another customer before the photo shoot, it may be difficult to continue the photo shoot. yes. In that case, we will ask you to change your costume, but we appreciate your understanding.
■Depending on the dress, some costumes cannot be used for on-location shooting.

④ [About the flow up to the day of shooting]

STEP.1|Decide on a plan
▹▹▹ Points to decide the plan
・Western clothes or Japanese clothes? ・How many clothes do you want to wear in total?
◎Where do you want to take photos?

To our Instagram account (
Please send the contents of ⑥ by direct mail.

STEP.3 | Detailed information
We will contact you with details after your reservation is completed.
Next, we will provide you with an estimate for your reservation plan, a list of things to bring on the day of the shoot, and any other information you would like to share with us before your visit.

STEP.4|Visit us
Ishikuri Photo Studio Hakodate Store Address
13-12 Otemachi, Hakodate, Hokkaido

After arriving at the store, the flow will be [bride hair and makeup → changing clothes → photo shoot].

~Procedure of shooting on the day~
(For 1st place location shooting)

Let’s start with the bride’s hair and makeup.
Our hair and makeup staff will provide you with detailed counseling.
If you have an image of your desired hairstyle or makeup,
Please feel free to tell us.

Estimated hair and makeup time is about 1.5 to 2 hours.
Once the bride’s hair is done, her husband also changes clothes.
Once all preparations are complete, we get in the car and head out to shoot.

I started shooting as soon as I arrived.
Shooting time varies depending on the plan and weather, but in the case of a 150-cut shooting plan, the shooting time will be approximately 45 minutes.

STEP.6|Payment/Data Delivery
After the shooting is complete, please come to our store and we will give you the data DVD.
The transaction is complete once payment is completed. (about 30 minutes)

The flow from reservation to shooting is as follows.

Since we are unable to meet in person, we will resolve any concerns you may have by contacting us, so please feel free to contact us even if you are traveling from far away.


⑤【Notes when making a reservation】

1. Deposit required for use
Photography contract. (50,000 yen)
*We will explain the transfer method separately.
Earnest money at the time of contract conclusion.
The remaining amount is
On the day of shooting,
We only accept cash.
2. Please note that due to staff circumstances, filming at Hachimanzaka will only be possible on weekdays.
3.We will give you the data taken on the day of shooting as DVD data.
4.On the day of the shoot, we will communicate using a translation app.

⑥【If you wish to make a reservation】

1. Names of the bride and groom
2. Height and shoe size
2. Desired shooting date
3. Desired plan & shooting location
4. Desired costume
5. Duration of stay in Hakodate
6. Your area
7. Check the list of things to bring on the day
We would appreciate it if you could let us know the contents.

Things to bring list


If you have any questions, please contact our Instagram account (
Please feel free to contact us via direct message.

Please consider it.


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